Established by Selahattin Kalaycı in 1987 in Bartın New Industry site, SELKO ATEŞ TUĞLA was initially producing only insulation bricks and mortars. In a short time, in line with the demands, Selko added fireclay fire bricks and mortars used in fireplace barbecues, bread ovens, chimneys and boilers to it’s production. It has established a wide dealer network throughout the country for the sale of these products.

Our company, which became a joint stock company in 1993, first established chemistry and physics laboratories in order to keep quality in the foreground, increased the product range and certified the quality of it’s products with TSE. From now on, our company has started to be the supplier of industrial organizations by producing more items.

Our company, which became unable to fit in it’s location in the establishment, in line with the increasing demands, moved to it’s current location in the Bartın Organized Industrial Zone in 2003.

In addition to our increased production capacity in a very short time with the transition to our new location; We have become the choice of many industrial organizations by ensuring the continuity of our quality with the modern laboratories we have established, increasing our product range with our R&D studies, and with our TSE ISO 9001 certified quality management system that we have created.

Celebrating it’s 35th anniversary, SELKO ATEŞ TUĞLA produces all kinds of Alumina Silicate-Based shaped and amorphous refractory materials with an experienced staff, and a capacity of 20.000 Tons/Year; It provides services to many domestic and foreign sectors such as Iron Steel and Metallurgy, Cement, Lime, Brick, Tile, Glass, Chemistry, Food Industry, Forest Products, Textile, Recycling, Power Plants, Petrochemical Refineries.

In line with our growth target, we started to work on capacity increase and new investments by expanding our installed area from approximately 20,000 m2 to 60,000 m2.

We continue on our way to contribute to the development of our region and our country in line with this aim, by adopting the statement of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s “Every Factory is a Fortress” as a principle.

We wish to be together for many 35 years with our understanding that always puts the trust and quality of our brand first, ahead of our profit, and with the support of you and our esteemed business partners.

To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level, without sacrificing product and service quality under any circumstances. Establishing strong communications with our customers, creating permanent bonds and ensuring customer loyalty.



To be a reliable and respected company in Turkey with quality products, services, continuous development, and respect for the environment and rival companies.

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