FireUnder Our Control

As the Selko family, we always prioritize quality and trust over profit, as we have done since our establishment.

FireUnder Our Control

Selko, which is a pioneer in domestic production, is the first choice of leading industrial organizations as well as it's dealership network throughout the country with experienced staff and product variety.

FireUnder Our Control

We are one of the few refractory companies in our country that produces Ceramic Runner bricks used in the Casting Industry.

Every Factory is a Fortress

Adopting the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's principle of "Every Factory is a Fortress", we believe that the way to the development of our country is through production, and we work non-stop in line with this belief.


35 Years of Experience in the Industry

Who are We?


Established by Selahattin Kalaycı in 1987 in Bartın Yeni Sanayi site, SELKO ATEŞ TUĞLA was initially producing only insulation bricks and mortars. In a short time, in line with the demands, Selko added fireclay fire bricks and mortars used in fireplace barbecues, bread ovens, chimneys and boilers to it’s production. It has established a wide dealer network throughout the country for the sale of these products.

About Us

Brick Shapes

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With the wide range of standardized products, SELKO ATEŞ TUĞLA makes a difference in the market, while producing in custom sizes.

Operating Instructions

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Technical Information

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