Visit from the Governor to Selko Ateş Tuğla!


Bartın Governor Sinan Güner made inspections at the Bartın Selko Fire Brick Factory, which operates in the Kurtköy Organized Industrial Zone. Governor Güner, received information about the operation of the factory from the factory owner Selahattin Kalaycı and the factory general manager Ahmet Kalaycı.

Selahattin Kalaycı, owner of Selko Ateş Brick Factory, thanked Governor Sinan Güner by expressing his satisfaction for his visit.

Governor Sinan Güner, also visited Türkova Dairy Products Factory, and he was informed about the productions made by company owner Ceyhan Kumcu and factory manager Nejla Gültepe. During the visits, Bartın Organized Industrial Zone Manager Oğuzhan Kasapoğlu was also present.